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Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Bones
Episode 1:

British Agent Mycock Bones is found dead in Adler’s Sex Club and Sherlock Bones is called in to investigate. Inspector Lestrade witnesses Sherlock’s unusual methods as he insists on recreating the moments before the death and starts having sex ith a prostitute

Episode 2:

Sherock and Hoston track down the club’s owner* Irene Adler but are attacked by thugs. Shrlock is knocked unconscious and Hoston grapples with Aler* but slowly lust gets the better of them.

Episode 3:

With the case seemingy closed* Sherlock can’t shake the fact that Moriarty must be behind it somehow. He needs to enter his mind palace by clearing his thoughts and calls housekeeper* Mrs Hudson in to sort him out.

Episode 4:

With Sherlock kidnapped by Ninjas he finally meets his nemesis* Moriarty who explains his ridiculous plan for world domination. Ridiculed by Sherlock* Morarty retreats to his private HQ and watches his two most sexually depraved ninjas get it on.

Episode 5:

Hotson comes to resuce Sherlock* fighting her way through hordes of ninjas. Morar may be defeated but a certain mind bending secret is revealed that makes Hotson very horny indeed.