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Femorg: Stella Cox

Femorg: Stella Cox
Wow! Meet the lovely, horny 23 year-old, Italian (eye-talian) beauty Stella Cox! Stella has a gorgeous pair of natural size 32 D breasts, pretty smooth skin, a tight tiny waist, and long silky hair, and she loves to masturbate with her wand toy.

When we first meet Stella, she walks into the kitchen wearing a short navy blue skirt and a grey tank top – and converse sneakers. The sneakers are important. 😉 She is already armed with her wand style toy. Stella says “Hi” to the guys – showing off her toy and telling us how naughty she is feeling. She asks if we like her outfit, showing off her round bottom in her short skirt. She slowly peels down the straps of the tank top, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a pale mint green bra, and showing lots of cleavage! The tank top is dropped to the floor as Stella turns to peel up her skirt, revealing her pale mint green thong panties and her bare ass. She drops her skirt to the floor, too, showing off her flat tummy, tiny waist, and nice hips. Stella fondles her breasts, then removes her bra to show off her large, low lying, natural breasts! Nice. Then the tiny thong panties are peeled away – but Stella leaves those sneakers on her feet! She touches her pussy and fondles her breasts as she gyrates and wriggles saying she is so turned on right now. She gets up onto the kitchen counter, resting her back in the corner, spreading her legs – sneakers on the counter – and starts masturbating with her blue wand. She says she is going to make herself cum for us! Thanks, Stella, because that’s exactly what we want you to do! She spits on the ball of her wand, then smears it all over her pussy noting how good it feels. The camera moves in for a moment or two for a closeup of her nice shaved smooth pussy, then moves back out as Stella really begins to pant and moan saying, “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Stella sits up, scoots forward and murmurs, “I’m ready to cum for you guys.” as her nips perk up and she rocks out her orgasm! She scooted so far forward on the counter that the cameraman really struggles to get the camera in for the contraction view. Either way, it’s a nice scene!

Next, Stella is dressed up in a black, tight, short dress and uber-high red high heels. Stella is a talker and she’s telling us how she just came home from a night out, but she couldn’t find any hot guys to bring back with her, so she’s going to relieve her horniness with her “best friend”: the blue wand. Stella kneels on the carpet, showing off her fine physique from all angles. We can see that she is wearing a sexy pair of black thong panties beneath that tight black dress. She stands again, continuing her slow strip tease. In only her high heels, bra and panties, she settles on the ottoman to play with her pussy. She’s back on the carpet, kneeling, playing with her nipples and taking off her bra. The thong is displayed from behind, and peeled off slowly. Stella is naked, except for the red high heels! She sits back on the leather ottoman once more, leaning her back against the wall. She fires up her wand saying, “Oh, that’s what I like. Oh, it’s so good.” Stella works the toy around and around, clutching her large breast, panting and writhing. Her vocalizations increase and her panting shifts to a more rhythmic cadence. She murmurs, “Oh. I’m so close to cumming.” She moans then says, “Oh! That’s it! Oh! I’m going to cum!” And watch closely – cause she does cum with just the softest, fluttering, perineal contractions! Stella giggles and says, “Oh fuck. I really enjoyed that!” The camera pans out as Stella recovers, licking her pussy wetness from her fingers.

Stella is all dressed up again – this time in a bright blue dress. She knows how to play to the camera and captivate us. She hikes her dress as she turns around to show off her nice round ass, glancing back at us over her shoulder. Nice blue thong panties! Stella peels down the straps of her dress. Nice blue bra! Then lets the dress slide down to the floor as she performs a nice and sexy strip tease, wiggling and jiggling her large breasts beneath the bra. She really IS hot! Once the undergarments are removed, Stella sits in a wooden chair, licking her hand and wetting her pussy, then working her blue wand toy on her pussy. Stella writhes up and down, pushing the toy on her clitoris and labia just the way she likes it. Her hips are rocking and her ass is bouncing on the corner of the chair. When she gets the toy on her sweet spot, she tells us how good it feels and continues with her masturbation motion, whimpering, “oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Her panting increases, becoming quick and rhythmic – and then watch for it – because you’ll see just a few soft butterfly contractions as she murmurs, “Oh fuck, yeah. Oh, yeah.” Her anus is contracting, too! She moves the toy down a little lower, but when she takes it away, her perineum is still softly contracting, too. She says, “Oh, yeah” a few more times as she slides off the chair, her swollen labia dangling nicely as she says good bye to us.

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